Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Take my hand
And tell me everything you wish to say
Your words are safe in my heart
I will hold the key
And lock it safe

I wish I could let my words
Stream out of my lips
And tell you how I feel
I miss you as much as you miss me
And if you only knew
If I could only forget about the past
And live life like it were my last
And love you like I’ve never been hurt

My heart is still a small child
Timid yet excited
God is there
God is here
God will work it out
He will find us a perfect match
Even if it’s not who we expect
Father knows best

You know you scare me
I’ve got to beware of it
The things you say are what I look for
You overwhelm me
And if you asked
I probably would have to say yes
Because I couldn’t pass you up

I want to smile into your eyes
And look into the future with you
As we walk the streets of dirt
Gracefully touched by toes
Of laboring orphans and weary travelers like ourselves
Only to achieve a purpose together as one
To please a higher authority
And spread the love we share and embrace
Close to the hearts that our Love has given us.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Latest Poems

Hopes and visions
Written in invisible ink
Only to be pitched
Into the scorching flames
Of our hopelessness
An avoidance of the truth
Knowing we could both do better

Mindless clatter and clanging
Dialog racing
Through the vains
of the doll
We freely poke with pins and needles
It's going nowhere

Come one, come all
The mic is on and ready to go
Jump on the stool
I have set on the stage
If jokes are your specialty
I've heard them all
Don't come ill prepared
Or try to fool me
It'll take much more to win me over
With sly whit
Or catty yet eager glances
And forward movements
This isn't insanity, dear
My heart is just waiting
For something worthwhile to love
Gee, I wish you know how worthwhile you could be
If only you let me kow how you feel
Spit it out, boy.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Scrambled alphabets and symbols
Empty thoughts
Trains of visions
The stumbling motion
Wishes of dreams
Truth creeping
Like a sleuth
Lacking magma

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Mind's Dance

Sitting here on the side
Of the dance floor
Looking at the people
Holding hands
Wishing you were here
To shuffle our feet in syncopated motion

I know I must be crazy
To still be crazy about you
I miss the times we had
The times I would lay in bed
Half asleep
Talking to you for hours
About nothing.

I went with my friends
Thinking I could unwind
Relax for a change
Who was I kidding?
I’m not satisfied
Until I see your smiling face
Staring at me in the center
Of the platform of the church
As I walk down the isle
Coated with rose petals.

Is it too much to ask
To give us a chance
Is it too much to be
To be with just me

I know I’m not new
But maybe I have something
You just don’t know about it yet
Are you willing to find
What no one else finds

I hide for a reason
I don’t want everyone knowing
Who I am is something special
You can’t trust people with the real you
Because anyone who has your trust
Can just as easily betray it.

I asked God to take
All the emotions
That were linked to you
If you weren’t worth my time
But my heart is still yours
I don’t know why
He hasn’t helped me move on
Do I just need to wait longer
Or does he know we can work things out?

Monday, December 31, 2007

Cheers to new beginnings...

Looking back...
1. See everything, good or bad, as an opportunity that God has placed in my life for
a reason
2. Completely (as in the words and accompaniment) write 5 songs
3. Learn to love
4. Learn to say no and yes (make better decisions)
5. Spiritually grow more than I could ever imagine
6. Stay focused
7. Enjoy life no matter what the occasion
8. Sing with joy
9. Save my money more often than I spend it!
10. Find a boyfriend (had to put a little humor in my list!)

Alright. So I didn't meet all the expectations set for/by myself for this past year, but I certainly do not regret what I have been through and what 2007 represents to me. I have tried my hardest to see everything as an opportunity. God has placed everything in my life because he loves me so much that he's willing to sacrifice everything to see me grow as an individual. 2007 has most definitely had its ups and downs...more downs than ups I might add, but I have learned to love some difficult people. I have been tested. And because of this my growth has exceeded far more than I could have imagined. I'm still learning to enjoy life despite the lack of surfaced happiness, but that is a progressive learning thing. Happiness is so much more than smiling every morning as you wake up and putting your beautiful hello face on when those people that pass you by like clockwork. It is so much more than thanking your parents as you open up a nice Christmas gift or realize a friend will not take no for an answer when they say they are paying for your meal at the restaurant. It's enjoying everything that life has in store, knowing that the God who hand crafted you will love you no matter what dumb decisions you make, or how many times you cry out to him asking for selfish wishes to come true. I made a number of dumb decisions this year some of which still seem to make it so much easier to press that snooze button every morning and so much harder to shuffle to the bathroom to start my days.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Break free of instability
Just breathe…
Stand on your own two feet.
I believe in you
You believe in me
But do you believe in yourself
That’s all that matters
Forget what everyone says
Forget how everyone thinks
Just breathe…
Only fools fall in love
Neither of us were willing to jump
You pushed me over the edge
And now I’m stuck in this pit
With no way out
You are a jerk
And I’m still smitten.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Tribute to Passion Lost

Clothed in rainbows of delicacy
The envious sky
Painted with hues of green
The love we share
Will be too beautiful
For the sun to shine on

Grazing our bouncing toes
Grows red with passion
The dirt separates from our feet
We are walking on air and free from sin
Anyone who follows in our footsteps
Will know how strong we are

Trunks of trees
Textured with tints of violet
Branching golden leaves
Staring at the cherubic sky
Our love is ever growing royalty

A hopeless obsession?
The ivy
Taking over
The beautiful house
We have built